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Wedbids Buyers & Sellers Overview

Part 2

Easy Category Selection

Sellers can easily select the right category for their item.

Where to list

Users with a store can select whether to list their new item in their store, auction only or both.

Item Title

Sellers can enter their own item title

Custom Fields

Sellers can enter their selection for any custom fields.

Auto Relist

Sellers can select whether or not to have their item automatically re-listed, they can select whether the item is listed if sold, un-sold and also how many times the items should be re-listed.

Item Description

Sellers can use HTML or plain text in their item description or WYSIWYG editor.

Custom Start & End Time

Sellers can choose to list right away or choose a custom start time for their item. A custom end time can also be set.

Picture Upload or Remote Hosting

Sellers can upload pictures of their items to be displayed next to their listings. Users can also choose to use remote hosted images with their auction.

Media Upload

Sellers can upload media file (.wmv/.avi)

Quick or full listing

Sellers can select the Quick Listing option which removes all of the non-mandatory fields from their listing process.

Reserve Price

Sellers can add a reserve price to their auction.


Sellers can select who should pay for the postage costs and whether or not they will post world wide. They can enter specific postage costs and services. Additional shipping calculation method (set rate for first item and second rate for all other items purchased in the same invoice)

Payment Options

Sellers can select which payment methods they accept. Methods are displayed on the item details page.

Instant Payment

Sellers can receive instant payment on buy out purchases from buyers. More guaranteed sales for sellers.


Sellers can combine and send invoices.Ability for seller to add custom invoice notes.


Make feedback/reputation private

Store Subscription

Store subscription payments retained (any existing store credit left when upgrading your store will be carried over)


Support for currency symbols i.e. $, £, € as opposed to USD/GBP/EUR plus real time currency conversions.

Sellers Fee System

Users are charged the following Fees:

  • Listing Fess (Percentage based)
  • End Auction Fee (Percentage based)
  • Picture upload
  • Media Upload
  • Digital downloads
  • Highlighted Auctions
  • Bold Auctions
  • Home page featured Auctions
  • Category Featured Auctions
  • Reserve Auction fee
  • Buy It Now fee
  • Second Category fee
  • Make an offer fee
  • Wanted ads FREE
  • Stores Subscriptions

Payment Methods

Sellers can select which payment option they accept. Payment options are listed in your member’s area.

Sellers accepted methods are displayed below the item description.

Wedbids accepts Sellers fees using paypal.

My Account

The My Account section is located in your member’s area.

User's can manage all aspects of their account.

Update their account details

  • View and personal details. The information on this page is exactly the same as information you provided when registered as a user.

Set their mail receiving preferences

  • Allows user's to choose events you wish to receive email notification for.

Review account history

  • Allows users to view reports showing activity over a defined period.

Print invoices

  • Ability for seller to print invoices and add custom invoice notes. Users are able to combine invoices.

Report abuse

  • Report abuse

Setup direct payment details

  • Select which payment option you want.